PMP Version 0.16 Is Out

Project Murder Party Version 0.16 Is out.

  • Current Version adds a model to replace the cube art of almost every item in the game.
  • It also fixes bugs on every weapon i could find, Like the waterballs not sticking to the target, or the smoke bombs gravity trick not working .
  • The AI was "optimized" and now it can stop shoting if it thinks the target is dead,
  • It can find and set targets more easily
  • They will sometimes fake their own death if they sense they gonna die.

Unfortunetly. the long battle against the camera was lost, Now when you aim, the camera goes into FPS mode.

Also finaly fixed the download link so it works with people using the App.

Have fun


Project Murder Party V0.16 (DD14 SPECIAL) 133 MB
May 05, 2017

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