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Federation of the Empire from the Republic by the Alliance of SPACE  is a inverted bullet hell game, with amazing 360° planetary defense pong action. 

You control a human Made ship that should be used to bounce meteors back into the alien ships to protect the planet,  Human made weapons are incapable of hurting Shielded enemies thanks to macguffins, But they can be used to clean the screen when there are too many meteors giving you trouble or Week the enemy shields when they are upgraded enough. The game ends when all the enemies die, or the planet is destroyed.

There are 5 game modes in the game:

  • Mission Mode (With 100 Missions) 
  • Enemy Mission Mode (With 50 Missions)
  • Galaxy Survival Mode (With 14 Planets to defend)
  • Endless Mod (Endless³)
  • Multi player (5 Different Versus Modes Against Other Players OR the CPU)

You can also upgrade your Ship in multiple ways, From direct ship upgrades to new weapons and even planetary upgrades.

  • Ship Speed : Upgrades your ship movement Speed (Can be adjusted with a player slide)
  • Ship Health : Upgrades how much damage your ship can take from red meteors
  • Ship Length: Upgrades the size of the Ship
  • Ship Energy: Upgrades how many times a meteor can bounce before losing the green energy shield.
  • Buy new Weapon : Equips each ship with a weapon of your choice. (9 Avaliable)
  • Planetary Shield : Gives the planet a Shield that makes it resistant to green meteors
  • Moon Shield : Gives the moon a Shield that makes it resistant to green meteors
  • Grow a new moon : You buy a dragon egg from the Andromeda galaxy and use it as a new moon
  • Double Metal Gain : Your scientists take double the metal from the shipwrecks
  • Mini Lunar Ships : Duplicate your current Ship layout to be around the moon.
  • Unstable Molecules : Lets Money pass through the ship.

There are over 12 Weapons in the game,  and you can also upgrade every single one of then to make then even more deadly or helpful.



Evil aliens start to attack the milky way, using worm hole technology  to bring asteroids from another galaxy to destroy our planets. They also use  some form of special technological shield that uses anti mater to invert the electrons of the protons in the atoms of the neutrons around the ship oxygen field to obliterate anything that invades it's personal space,  and  no technology  know to man is capable of penetrating their shield. Everything seems lost.

UNTIL  one of the aliens crashes in one of the moon of Venus,  And scientists managed to invert engineer the technology into a human ship.  Said ship uses a similar shield to invert the electrons in the asteroids, Energizing then with a field capable of penetrating the alien shields. This is the only known way of hurting their ships. 

So its up to you, to reflect the asteroids back into their ships and save our planets. Otherwise everyone will die.

Have fun.

The price is a joke, you don't actual have to pay tree fiddy to get the demo. 


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