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Federation of the Empire from the Republic by the Alliance of SPACE.  is a Planetary defense game, 

Evil aliens start to attack earth, using worm holes to bring asteroids to destroy our planet. The aliens also use a special technological shield that uses anti mater to invert the electrons of the protons in the atons of the neutrons around the ship, and  no reverse know to man is capable of hurting their ships,

However, one of the aliens crashed on the moon, and scientists managed to invert engineer the technology in human ships. to invert the electrons in the asteroids, and only they are capable of hurting their ships.

So its up to you, to reflect the asteroids back into their ships and save our planet.


You control a spaceship that needs to bounce meteors away from earth, you can bounce meteors BACK into the aliens to kill then. Your weapons dont work on the aliens, only on the meteors and everyone will die. 

Have fun.


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