DD17 Version is out

Hopefully it wont have game breaking bugs this time around.
Log changes:

  • Deleting saves not working on the pause menu fixed
  • Fixed ship 1 not comming back after restarting game
  • Fixed ship health bar not hiding when shit explodes
  • Player Starts with some money now
  • Separated the code from the mouse from the keyboard one, now mouse acceleration will not make the keyboard movement go crazy
  • No money to fix the ship causes game over now
  • Red meteor spawns only 2 small red metors instead of 6 like before
  • Added a Hover text to the menus to help identify what the icons mean
  • Tesla Coil toggles instead of continous shooting
  • Changed the Money Icon to Metal icon
  • Added A tutorial Mode, Game checks to see if is the first time playing and brings players to the tutorial
  • Added a upgrade to double the money gain
  • Changed  the money values from 5-10-50 to 50-100-250
  • Added A New Weapon> Hookchain
  • Changed the position of the life bar on the local hud
  • Added Weapons to the tutorial
  • Added red meteor to the tutorial
  • Added Light to Meteors/Money/Effects
  • Fixed the light on the Nukes and Tesla Coil
  • Added Bloom to the game to make it look cool
  • Added Weapon Upgrade System
  • Optimized the Particles effects for the Nuke's and Plasma Smoke so it wont completly ruin the frame rate
  • Added a Extra Colider to the middle of the ship to send the meteor Straight
  • Ship energy starts on 2 now
  • Added more quotes to the tutorial screens
  • Added A New Weapon: Big Magnet
  • Added Upgrades to the Big magnet
  • Fixed ships not starting on the right Position
  • Fixed the Flickering on the Hover text
  • Added Multiple Backgrounds 
  • Added a new upgrade to the Machine gun that turns meteors green
  • Planets and Moon go red when they are Hit

Get (FERAS) Federation of the Empire from the Republic by the Alliance of SPACE.

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